Your Choice of Insurance

“Your right to ‘FREEDOM OF CHOICE’, allows you to select your ‘own’ repairer and to demand genuine quality parts”

Steve Koulis Smash Repairs is authorised by ‘you’ as a consumer to repair work for All Insurance Companies. We are Insurance Recommended and Insurance Preferred by major insurance companies. However, we do not compromise quality of workmanship, and we will not repair a vehicle in any directive manner that may suggest a repair based on ‘cost’ rather than ‘quality’. As we stated earlier we are proud to associate our family name with our service and we will not perform a service unless it is of upmost quality and professional workmanship. To do this we need to use the best equipment, the best technology, the best tradespeople and most importantly genuine parts in accordance with manufacturers specifications of repair.

Your insurance company may guide you as to where you may fix your smashed car within your local area, however the decision is ultimately up to you as to where and how you would like your vehicle repaired. You must take into consideration not just the cost of the repair to the insurance company, but also the cost to yourself, in terms of assurance, reliability, confidence, time, safety, professionalism, expertise, repairer warranty and also the ability of which a repairer can complete your car in the most organised and professional way possible to get you back on the road as early as possible. These benefits require experience and successful management, of which you will find both at Steve Koulis Smash Repairs.

Steve Koulis Smash Repairs is dedicated to quoting repair prices using Genuine Parts, Quality Paints and highly Qualified and Competent tradespeople. Our quote to your insurance company will reflect our commitment to performing the ‘Best’ job, not the ‘Cheapest’ job. Again it is Your Choice, not your Insurance Company’s direction, as to who you trust to repair your car in the best way possible.