Spray Painting

‘Shiny & Smooth Paint’

Our qualified and highly experienced Spray Painters work with Baking Ovens  which are the most state of the art available and are specifically designed to provide your vehicle with the optimal environmental conditions in which to apply paint. The type of Baking Oven is crucial to the type of finish that your vehicle will present on completion. The paint is the ‘icing’ on the cake and must be applied to perfection. Our baking ovens are temperature controlled and our Painters use computerised colour matching and paint mixing technology so that we can ensure that your new paint is completely matched to your existing paint. We use high quality paint for your vehicle and include a Lifetime Paint Manufacturers Warranty(conditions apply).

Our Spray Painting Service is not only limited to vehicles, and metal, we can also help you change the colour or re-finish any surface that you may need. Some of the items we have painted include; tables, chairs, outdoor settings, beds, kitchen doors and panels, plastics, wood, fibreglass, boats etc. We service all domestic and commercial needs. We can help you change the colour of almost anything! Please enquire about this service.